In recent years, the world around us is becoming diverse and complex. In order to cope with various problems such as economy and environment issues, our fulfilment has to be more high standard and strict to meet customer’s expectation. There is no exception for Malaysia in this challenging situation. Therefore, we acknowledge the importance to deliver the world with top level response.

ISUZU has been founded since 100 years ago and it is the oldest automotive manufacturing company in Japan. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, Isuzu has established its presence more than 30 years in vehicle production. During that period, Isuzu has fulfilled the global and Malaysia’s market demand. As evidence, nowadays, a lot of customers in the world and in Malaysia have chosen Isuzu as a brand of their commercial vehicles.

However, we will never stop here but continuously going forward and be full of pride of our achievement. Malaysia is considered to pursue further rapid development in the future. As such, we ISUZU HICOM, as the leader in commercial vehicle aims to evolve together with our customers but at the same time thinking the utmost consideration to protect the environment.

Moving forward in Malaysia, especially in automotive field, a lot of improvements need to be taken especially in environment and safety aspects. In addition, customers also demand for a world class performance and high quality vehicles. We will continue to sincerely answer to these demands from customers in total. Along with the development within Malaysia, it is our mission to attend to customers’ requirements in a timely and reliable manner.

Commercial vehicles that transport everything are supporting our life and indispensable to our daily life. ISUZU HICOM will keep up with the challenge with our mission strive “To Support Malaysia Transportation”.